Round Table
OF FAITH HARVEST CHURCH LEADERSHIP                          MAY 22, 2009

Hi, there...

Hopefully this will prove to be an efficient means of communication with each of you. On this page, I can post information for you, especially when we've not had our regular meetings. We thought it best to wait until after camp and the mission trip to get back on schedule unless something urgent arises and we need to have a meeting.

At our elders meeting we discussed a few items that we feel need to be addressed, and so I will do that here. Also, there are some dates to remember, etc.


As many of you have heard me said, it would be no sin to have church on the beach in flip flops and Hawaiian shirts. But alas, we are not on the beach and we have a certain standard that we believe represents a  level of excellence where we are. As I have stated before, we do not want to even have the appearance of the 'hip' church that is preaching serious error today.

I have relaxed the expectation a little bit for Sunday nights, though my preference hasn't changed. But for Sunday mornings, here is a guideline for Praise Team, Offering, and Communion Servers:

NO JEANS on Sunday Morning, please. You do not need to wear a tie, but men should wear khakis or slacks and a nice sports shirt, polo, or dress shirt. No shorts, please. Ladies should wear nice slacks, a modest dress or skirt and blouse, and no shorts, please. Also, no bare feet, please.

These guidelines are the same for serving communion, receiving offering, serving on Praise team or any other activity which would call for you to be up front.


I have given this guideline before, but I believe there may be some misunderstanding. I certainly appreciate getting calls when you are not going to be at church for one reason or another, but it's even more important to contact the head of a ministry you are serving under. While most of you are heads of some ministry, some of you also serve on other ministries and people are counting on you. When they do not know that you are going to be absent it's really difficult for them.


If you are scheduled to serve communion, offer the offering or communion meditations, or collect the offering, it is so important that you let Fran know if you are not going to be there. Even if it's Sunday morning, just give her a call so that she can make arrangement.

If you are on the Praise Team and you cannot be there either on Sunday morning OR Wednesday evening for practice, PLEASE let WYATT AND CAROLYN know that you are not going to be there.

Greeters and another other helping roles should follow these same guidelines. I know that there are some who need this information and are not on the Round Table, so each of you who are heads of ministries need to STRESS this for those who are serving in your area of ministry.