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We are glad you have landed at our address! Feel free to check out the statement of faith and visit the various ministry links on the right. We are a family-friendly church established by the Lord in the heart of Mesa, Az, ministering to people of all backgrounds and ethnic groups, from the homeless on the street to the family in the next block.

Our desire is to bring people to greater maturity in Christ.  We are not an entertainment-driven church, nor do we try to soften the Word of God to make it appealing to this generation. The Gospel is lifechanging and we desire to preach it as it is. Our focus is on victorious living through the power of the Holy Spirit, and raising up strong believers to face the difficult times which we believe are coming to the church in America.

If you are interested in visiting, we would love to have you come. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. (see contact information).
Welcome to Faith Harvest!
THE CROSS OF CHRIST is offensive to this world and those who refuse to be separated and consecrated to Christ. The message of the cross does not have to be changed in order for the church to be relevant. It does not need to fall prey to idolatrous fads, such as Emergent Christianity and New Spirituality. We still preach Christ crucified, resurrected and seated on the throne of God...and His call to sinners to repent and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Check out our messages.

The Rapid Rise of One-World Power - By Pastor Mark Hillis - Listen Here!
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